Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist: Marylin Rogers



Marilyn Rogers is a visual artist and educator, working with students of all ages.  She trained in Art Education at Queens College, Community Word Project and has studied at The New York Art Students League as well as experimenting on her own. Marilyn's workshops and her philosophy help students think, discover and create.  Believing that how we see the world around us has everything to do with our artistic development, she encourages her students to see the world creatively.   Marilyn provides participants with a brief glimpse into art history related to workshops, including images, and selected methods of artist tools to help participants gain knowledge about techniques that may be useful in creating their own contemporary artworks. 




No Mess Digital Painting Residency (all ages)

Does your school have tablets?  Learn how to use a touch based tablet with a free painting application and create paintings with your fingers based on the works of the masters.  Participants will be presented with still-life set-ups, images of famous paintings, brief art history information and opportunities to use their imagination. Residency culminates in a slide presentation of the collective participants digital paintings which can be printed out for a classroom exhibition.  


LEARN TO PAINT LARGE Residency (all ages)

Using mind and body together with music, students will learn to create abstract style paintings! Students will discover ways to communicate our feelings using: line, shape, color, rhythm, composition, movement, and unity. This residency is an exploration over 8 sessions, culminating in an exhibition of the artists' work. Participants will be introduced to a method for making meaningful marks along with thoughts on how composition and color together can affect a viewer's intrepretation of their artwork. 


Residency Requirements:

  • Storage area for rolled artwork
  • Open floor space
  • Access to a Smartboard or Projector connected to a computer with a USB port


Let's Create Paper Murals of New York's Skyline 

After an exploration of of artwork by Claude Monet and Georges Seurat, students will learn what these masters did to help us change the way we see and communicate in our Contemporary world. Technique and important concepts about how our brain sees color and light are explored. One mural is created for every 5 students. For Grades 3-4.


Workshop Requirements:

  • Duration: two 90 minute sessions OR four 45 minute sessions