Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist: Robin Bady



Award winning storyteller Robin Bady tells stories she loves, and loves the stories she tells! She believes that stories are our birthright and our legacy. Her repertoire includes Jewish tales, world folk/fairy lore, literature, oral histories, ghost tales and personal stories. Robin is featured at storytelling festivals, theaters, schools, libraries, cafes, parks, senior centers, pre-schools, etc., across the United States and Europe. As a teaching artist she has taught for the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Guggenheim Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the New York City Ballet, CityLore and Henry Street Settlement House, and was storyteller in residence at PS 20 in Manhattan for seven years. 


Robin received a BFA from the Professional Actor Training Program at New York University.  She was a co-founder of the Bread and Roses Theater; was Artistic Director of the Organic Youth Theater, Chicago and the Children's Theater Workshop of the 92nd Street Y; founded the multi-ethnic storytelling ensemble Shirazad's Children; and is past Director of the Storytelling Center of New York City. She is currently a member of the Jewish Storytelling Project. She frequently collaborates with musicians and visual artists.


Honors & Awards

2015- Oracle Award for Service and Leadership, from the National Storytelling Network

2012- J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Award, from the National Storytelling Network




Confessions of a Coached Storyteller, STORYTELLING MAGAZINE, January 2013                 

Fairytales, Power and Status, STORYTELLING MAGAZINE, June, 2013

Considering House Concerts, STORYTELLING MAGAZINE, July, 2015




The National G.H.O.S.T. Story Project:

G-ghost, H-horror, O-otherworlds, S-supernatural, T-terror

This residency will engage students to listen, research, write and tell horror/scary/ghost stories while captivating their attention and connection to the art of storytelling. By teaching students to research, write and perform their own "horror" stories, the project will help them gain confidence in their own ability to communicate via spoken word; by offering the opportunity to participate in a Scary Story Slam! For Grades 6-12.

This program can also be adapted as a professional development workshop for teachers!


Drawing Stories From Around the World

From the cave drawings to graphic novels, humans have told stories with pictures. Combine This workshop offers students an opportunity to become part of the process. First, they will learn drawing tales from different parts of the world.  Then, they will create their own original stories with pictures.  Finally, they share them with their peers. This workshop addresses students of all learning styles, and integrates visual, written and spoken arts into your curriculum.  For Grades 2-7. 

Can be adapted as a professional development workshop for teachers!


Storytelling 101: Everyone Has a Story

This workshop will guide students through the process of identifying, developing and performing (and writing) their own personal stories. It could culminate in a story slam or performance before an audience of their family and peers. For Grades 6 through adult


Jewish Tales 

These programs introduce students to different types of stories, and songs, flavored by the countries and continents the Jewish people have settled.  For Grades K-8.


Passover, and Other Freedom Tales From Around the World The Passover story (the first recorded story of a people's struggle for freedom) is juxtaposed with tales of freedom from around the world. 


Jewish Fairy Tales "The Jewish Cinderella", "The Glass Mountain" and more - these are marvelous tales of wonder with a Jewish slant.


Jewish Folk Tales Stories of people, animals and situations from the Bible and the Talmud, from Chelm and the shtetls of Europe, from Asia to America to Africa to Turkey - these old tales have lessons to teach and laughter to share.


Ghost Tales - Here. There and Everywhere

Listen to ghost tales - legends, historical, literature and "true" stories - stitched into a performance of stories from around the world, or much closer.  Or, create a ghost story collection project, where students collect the ghostly experiences of the students can research ghost stories of their home turf. For Grades pre-K through adult.