Palo Seco: Flamenco!

“FLAMENCO! The Dance, Music, & Culture of Southern Spain” features live dance and music in a vibrant and entertaining production full of color, rhythm, and emotions. Explanations and questions are intermixed with high-energy performance pieces, as well as plenty of audience participation. Students learn about the history and geography of Southern Spain and are taught how to play the castanets and las palmas (rhythmic handclapping). They are also led through Flamenco’s prototypical “zapateo” (footwork) and are invited to join the artists on stage to do a short dance number at the end. Students of all ages will get a true taste of the Southern Spanish art of Flamenco and will leave with a big “Ole!”    


Friday, March 27, 2020, 10 AM & 11:30 AM

All ages


New York Common Core State Standards: Social Studies/ World History

New York City Blueprint for Teaching & Learning in the Arts: Music Literacy; Making Connections; Community and Cultural Resources; Careers and Lifelong Learning

National Core Arts Standards: Responding; Connecting







Tickets are $7 per person (Classroom teachers are admitted FREE)




For more information:

Call: 718-463-7700 x224