Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist: Song Hee Lee



Song Hee Lee, is a dancer specializing in traditional Korean dance.  Upon graduating from University of Pusan, Korea, she joined the Pusan Metropolitan Dance Company and became principal dancer.  In 1997, Song Hee had her first solo recital in NYC at the Hudson Guild Theater. Since then, she has been actively performing around the world and US, at such venues as Flushing Town Hall, Greek National Dance Theater, CID UNESCO World Congress on Dance, NEA Montana Folk Festival and International Festival at Chihuahua, Mexico. Currently, Song Hee is Artistic Director and Choreographer for the Songhee Lee Dance Company which includes the children's dance initiative, Cheongsah Chorong; she is also an instructor at Lotus Music and Dance school and performance member of KTPAA "Sound of Korea".




Buchae Chum (Fan Dance)
This traditional Korean folk dance combines the grace of the music with colorful costumes and shifting geometric designs created with fans, all of which entices the audience to believe that they are surrounded by a garden of flowers.

Janggo Chum (Hour-glass Drum Dance)
The Janggo Dance is a very energetic and rhythmic dance where the performers dance while beating drums strapped to their bodies. The drums, called janggo, are double-headed and shaped like an hourglass. The janggo is played by striking the skin with the palm on the left side and with a bamboo drumstick on the right. In an artful fusion of music and choreography, the dancers dance and spin around playing vibrant yet graceful rhythms.

Sogo Chum (Small Hand-Drum Dance)
Sogo Chum, one of the most popular folk dances, is a dance with sogo, a small hand drum, about 15 inches in diameter. The dancer holds the drum with a small attached knob in the left-hand and beats the drumhead with a stick with the right hand.

Jindo Buk Chum (Drum Dance)
Jindo Drum Dance is a dance in which the Korean percussive instrument is tied to the dancer. The dance has roots in nong-ak, which was traditionally performed in rice farming villages in order to ensure and to celebrate good harvest. This is an intense and dynamic dance that blends the beat of the powerful drum and the graceful movements of the dancer. Masters of this dance have described the dancer and the drum as becoming one. Through the vibrant rhythms the dancer expertly creates, the dancer connects with the audience allowing her viewers to experience the wide range of emotions such as passion and the catharsis that she is expressing through her dance.