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Chalaw Basiwali is a young Amis man who is proud of his heritage. At the age of six, he learned to play his brother's guitar, and then he learned to play drums at the age of eleven. Born and raised in traditional Amis rural territories, Chalaw moved to Taipei to find work, like so many Amis people. After years of unstable living in the city, he returned home to his village, Hualien, which is by the Pacific Ocean. Here he formed a band with friends. The band includes a Madagascan musician Kilema, who is a Malkasi aboriginal musician. Together, Chalaw and Kilema explore the shared territory between Taiwanese and Madagascan aboriginal music.


The band’s name is Basiwali. They’ve performed all over the world on the world music circuit, including Asia, Africa and Europe.


Their music is deeply rooted in nature. As Chalaw says: "Hearing sounds from the waves of the Pacific pounding the eastern coast of Taiwan make me sleep sound at night.”


Chalaw's voice is heavy, just like the energy of the rising sun. He’s a humble fisherman who listens to the interactions of the land, sea and people - this is what brings out the sincere his songs for his beautiful tribe. He’s a documentarian of sorts, using music to record and preserve the disappearing memories of his people.


Basiwali is the music of the natural world. It’s made with a clean classical guitar sound and enthusiastic drumming, and vocals that move audiences wherever they’re from, with their Amis melodies and Latin rhymes. It’s truly a unique vision, a fusion of cultures that are deeply related.


It feels like being hugged by both ends of the Pacific - sometimes stormy, sometimes calm - but you’re always in safe hands in the good ship Basiwali, and sailing on the wide, beautiful ocean...


The stage name, Basiwali, is a Pangcah (Amis) language that literally means "heading eastward"

Basi- verb prefix moving towards..

wali noun suffix the direction of east

BasiWali ph. go ahead eastbound



Hailed as the Soul of Madagascar, Kilema is the most acclaimed musician playing music from this African country. He was born in the south of Madagascar, and has deep knowledge of that region. He can write, sing and play several traditional instruments. Additionally, as an innovative artist, he started playing music using the brake line from his bicycle when he was twelve, and he formed a band at that young age drawing from traditional and everyday experiences. In 1990, Kilema released his debut album "Ka Malisa" and moved to Spain so he could start to collaborate with musicians from around the world. Kilema received worldwide attention and touring experience in the 1990's playing valiha (a bamboo string instrument) as a member of the Justin Vali Trio. The band was signed to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records and performed in festivals in Europe, the UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and throughout the West. He enjoys collaborating with Chalaw, his longterm friend, and playing with his brother, Nesta. 








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