FTH Spotify Playlist

We're bringing global sounds of Flushing Town Hall to you via Spotify! FTH staff, presenting artists, and community members have contributed these playlists. Follow us on Spotify, discover new music from curated playlists, and stay tuned for more! Want to contribute your own playlists? please contact Eva Carrillo at ecarrillo@flushingtownhall.org

Italian Folk Music: Music by Alessandra Belloni
Traverse to Southern Italy with music by acclaimed Italian folk artist Alessandra Belloni.

Iconic Women: Deborah Resto's Playlist
Latin soul singer Deborah Resto named Christina Aguilera, Celia Cruz, and Sade among her many influences in this special curated playlist for Flushing Town Hall. 

Jazz Classics: Bill Charlap's Playlist
Ranging from Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Horace Silver and more, these are the songs that inspired Grammy Award-winning jazz artist Bill Charlap. 

Egyptian Music: Playlist by Sami Abu Shumays
Our Deputy Director Sami Abu Shumays and acclaimed Egyptian folk artist compiled a list of songs that inspired his own sound in this playlist for our Mini-Global Mashup: India Meets Egypt.

Select Songs from Nina Simone and Miriam Makeba: Playlist by Akua Allrich
This list takes me back to my childhood daydreams, dancing to the magical power of Nina Simone and Miriam Makeba. These two giant spirits who used their every talent to fight for the rights of African people around the world deserve all od our honor and praise. I praise the legacy of these queens.

Sounds of India: Falu's Playlist
Spanning different regions throughout India, these are Indian classical musician Falu's influences.

The Women of Classic Jazz: Barbara Rosene's Playlist
From jazz vocalist Barbara Rosene: "The songs on my playlist are ones which I have played over and over again throughout the years. They are all by women who paved the way in modern music. All are women who had struggles, and whose lives and stories manifest in their performances."

Armenian Folk Music: Playlist by Ara Dinkjian
"My compositions always combine the two elements which define my identity: I am an Armenian born in America. The Armenian elements may include “odd” time signatures, microtonal modes, and the oud, a fretless lute. The American elements may include harmony and jazz-like forms and improvisation." (Ara Dinkjian) Pleae also check out Ara Dinkjian's Mini-Global Mashup: Korea Meets Armenia at FTH!

Folk Music Beyong Borders: Playlist by Sita Chay
"The selected songs remind me of harmony between cultural roots and music of now. I experience the joy, beauty, and complexity of spirituality from each track, and that is the kind of music I would like to immerse myself within. Hope you enjoy!" (Sita Chay) Pleae also check out Sita Chay's Mini-Global Mashup: Korea Meets Armenia at FTH!

Classical Music: Playlist by Feifei Yang
Chinese musician and Erhu/Banhu performance expert Feifei Yang shares some of her favorite classical music that have inspired her sound. Artists range from Gary Lucas to Zhen Chan and more!

Art School: Staff Playlist
Created by our digital marketing and community engagement associate, Eva Carrillo, this playlist is inspired by music that she listens to when she makes art. Artists range from The Cranberries to Stromae and more!

World Music: Playlist by Lorin Sklamberg
Frontman of the renowned klezmer group The Klezmatics, Lorin Sklamberg's influences are greatly varied and his playlist reflects the diverse sounds and languages that inspire his work. 

Latin Folk: Playlist by Sofia Rei
Affectionately dubbed “…a Latin folklore encyclopedia right in the heart of New York” by VICE/NOISEY (Colombia), Argentinian canteur and musician Sofia Rei curated a playlist that packs a punch with select songs by powerful folk artists from across Latin America. 

Jazz Masters: Songs by 2021 FTH's NEA Jazz Masters
In anticipation for our annual NEA Jazz Masters concert, we curated a jazz playlist featuring select songs from the presenting artists, Jimmy Owens, Kenny Barron, Sheila Jordan, Billy Hart, Kenny Davis, and Donald Harrison.

Music of Thelonious Monk & Horace Silver
In anticipation for our annual NEA Jazz Masters concert, we curated a jazz playlist featuring select songs from the presenting artists, Jimmy Owens, Kenny Barron, Sheila Jordan, Billy Hart, Kenny Davis, and Donald Harrison.

Jazz Across the Americas: Playlist by Dayramir Gonzalez
Cuban jazz virtuoso Dayramir Gonzalez curated a jazz playlist that spans the Americas, featuring select songs by Aaron Goldberg, Orishas, Mayito Rivera and more!