Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist: Ling Tang



Ling Tang Ling currently teaches dance through China Institute, Flushing Town Hall and Washington Performing Arts Society. She is also a teacher and choreographer at the Chinese American Community Center Folk Dance Troupe in Delaware which participated the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade. In addition, Ling has taught at CLAPS Chinese School, Hope Chinese School and American Chinese School.  As an arts manager, Ling worked as a program officer at the Asian Cultural Council. She has also consulted many cultural exchange projects in both the U.S. and China. Dance/USA Journal and Dancer Magazine have published her research papers.  Ling holds an M.A. in arts administration from Columbia University, a B.A. in dance and intercultural performing arts from the University of Maryland-College Park. 




Traditional Chinese Dance School Assembly
Just like the Chinese language, Chinese dance has its own unique vocabulary and structure that enables the dancer to fully express her thoughts and feelings with ease and grace. From live demonstrations with colorful costumes and props, students learn about the historical and cultural development of diverse Chinese dance vocabularies. Students participate in the performance using unique dancing props such as fans, ribbons and handkerchiefs. Content Areas: Dance, Music, Foreign Language, History, Geography, Social Studies. For grades K-5. CLICK HERE to view program details.


Traditional Chinese Dance Workshop/Residency
This workshop/residency can be programmed according your schedule and will teach basic Chinese classical and ethnic movements to children and youth. Each session starts with a warm-up followed by a mini repertoire of a specific Chinese dance style. Content Areas: Dance, Music, Foreign Language, History, Geography, Social Studies. For grades K-12.

History of Chinese Dance Lecture Demonstration
Ling Tang offers a lecture demonstration with PowerPoint presentations, movement demonstrations and lessons on traditional Chinese dance, the history and development of dance in China and the dance and cultural exchange between China and the United States. Content Areas: Dance, Dance Education, Choreography, East Asian Studies, Cultural Exchange. For College Level.