Flushing Town Hall's workshops, residencies, and assemblies captivate imaginations, broaden students' arts and cultural experiences and provide meaningful connections between classroom subject areas and the arts.




Looking for a great program in dance, music, theater, or the visual arts? FTH Education can develop a residency around your curriculum to extend learning of academic subjects. We offer programs in Theater (Literature to Life), Creative Movement, Storytelling, Traditional Mexican Dance, Story Mosaics (English Language Learners) and more!


School residencies start at $450.00 a day (1/2 day also available). 


Know what you want to do? Then give us a call at (718) 463-7700 ext. 224 or email us at for more information!


2019-2020 Residency Program Offers




Creative Dance

Students will learn the basic elements of dance (time, energy, space) through improvisation and theatre games. They will Identify and execute loco-motor and non-loco-motor movements by use of pathways and be able to compare and contrast quick/slow movement through music and rhythm. They'll recognize levels (high, medium, low) and how we move our bodies to form shapes on these levels using round, straight, and curvy movements. Props will be introduced to increase their own creativity and cultural dances are introduced to expand their cultural knowledge.  Partnering and teamwork are essential to this program- it teaches students responsibility and respect. Students will build vocabulary, listening skills, and self-expression through the dance program. The program will conclude with a stage performance. Students will understand that dance can improve their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, memory, creativity, and lead to a healthy lifestyle. All ages


Curriculum-based Creative Dance

Creative dance emphasizes expression and composition and is an excellent way to make curricular connections within the arts experience. This creative dance residency draw inspiration from the students’ academic studies (social studies, math, science, language arts, etc.), using the intersections between the subject matter and dance to deepen students’ understanding and provide rich inspiration for student-generated choreographic compositions. Grades K-8


Hip-Hop Dance

In this hip-hop residency students learn a selection of popular old school and modern hip-hop moves from the 1970’s to present. The residency may be offered as a comparative study of old school and modern hip-hop or a specific time period may be chosen as a focus. Grades K-12


Traditional Chinese Dance
This residency can be programmed according your schedule and will teach basic Chinese classical and ethnic movements to children and youth. Each session starts with a warm-up followed by a mini repertoire of a specific Chinese dance style. Content Areas: Dance, Music, Foreign Language, History, Geography, Social Studies. Grades K-12


Indian Classical and Folk Dance

Students will be introduced to Kathak, the classical dance of North India.  This dance is centuries old and is used to tell a story.  The dancers are actors who use spinning and posing to tell a story that originated in Hindu temples. The diversity of India's culture and traditions is also demonstrated with a variety of Indian folk dances from the entire country. In each session, students learn Indian dance steps with a focus on storytelling. Grades PreK-12


Korean Music and Dance

In this workshop, students will be exposed to the various traditional folk dances of Korea such as Buchaechum (fan dance) which combines the grace of the music and the shifting of geometric designs with the fans, Janggo (hour-glass drum dance) where dancers play a double-headed drum in the shape of an hour-glass that is strapped to their body while they dance and spin, Sogo Chum (small hand-drum dance) where the dancers move with a small drum in one hand and a stick in the other, and the Jindo Buk Chum (drum dance) a dynamic dance traditionally performed to ensure and celebrate a good harvest. Grades 3-12


Traditional Mexican Dance

Mexican dance residencies are developed in partnership with schools and in conjunction with classroom curriculum.  Dances may include Hispanic dances such as those from the patriotic state of Jalisco with its bright Mariachi music and the Gulf Coast of Mexico with its Caribbean influence.  Students will be introduced to Mexican dances, as well as related Spanish vocabulary and folk terms.  The residency will conclude with a culminating student performance demonstration. Professional children's costumes are available for rental for use during the residency. All Ages


West African Drumming & Dance 

This residency combines the teaching of African dance and drumming. Students will be introduced to the rhythms of the Ivory Coast of Africa.  They learn to listen deeply, maintain a rhythm, accompany a lead drummer, support a soloist, and be a part of a collective expression.  Teaching artists will provide smaller drums that are easier for students to handle. The class begins with a warmup, then an introduction to a series of steps, and finally the steps are put together with the drum rhythms and danced across the floor.  This program can be developed with a culminating performance. Grades 4-12


West African Dance and Culture

This residency introduces traditional dances from Guinée and Ivory Coastsuch as Kuku, Tiriba, Mandjiani and Dundunba from Guinee, as well as Kuku, Bademalon, Manekadon and Ngoron from Ivory Coast. Students will learn the cultural context behind each dance and an accompanying song along with a choreographed sequence of the selected dance. Though classes may be taught with recorded music, the experience is made richer when accompanied by live drumming. Grades K-8


World Beats, Songs and Moves

An inspiring world music program where students will honor the culture-sharing process while developing a show comprised of diverse rhythms, dance moves and songs from around the world. Students will be exposed and encouraged to learn and practice different percussive instruments, vocal arrangements for a multilingual repertoire of family music, as well as dance steps inspired by different cultural traditions. Grades 2-8




The National G.H.O.S.T Project

G-ghost, H-horror, O-other worlds, S-supernatural, T-terror

This residency will engage students to listen, research, write, and tell horror/scary/ghost stories while captivating their attention and connection to the art of storytelling. By teaching students to research, write, and perform their own “horror” stories, the project will help them gain confidence in their own ability to communicate via spoken word by offering an opportunity to participate in a Scary Story Slam! Grades 6-12




Literature to Life Residency
Students in English Language Arts classes will explore the characters and themes of a classic work of literature, through drama-in-education strategies. In each workshop, students will be exposed to a variety of both acting and writing exercises, enhancing skills in both areas. Each student will acquire a portfolio of original writing while enhancing their performance skills. With input from the teaching artist and classroom teacher, each student will select one or two which will then be performed in a unique "collage" play in which each student is showcased presenting their own work to an audience of family and friends. Grades 4 and up

The Shakespeare Residency

Demystify the difficulties of reading and understanding Shakespeare and his language as students will be dually posited as audience members and performers, allowing them to develop a deeper comprehension and appreciation for Shakespeare’s' verse, characters, and ideas. After working with the text (the play will be determined before the residency) students will have the opportunity to see a professional performance at Flushing Town Hall. Additionally, this program will provide students with a sense of theatre history – as in Shakespeare’s day, the show will be performed by all men, which gives rises to comparisons of gender politics and identity, both then and now – as well as showcasing Shakespeare’s gift for comedy, showing students that just because something was written a long time ago, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any bearing on their lives, or the society and culture of the world today. Grades 6 and up




Story Mosaic (English Language Learning through the Arts)

This residency integrates visual arts into your curriculum, allowing English Language Learners (ELL) the opportunity to access subject areas visually and therefore improve English Language comprehension.  Story Mosaics will introduce literary elements (setting, character & theme) and vocabulary in order to develop English Language skills through art making.  Students will create collages, mosaics and puppets, and present a culminating puppet show. Grades 3 and up