Senior Programs


Flushing Town Hall (FTH) Education offers programs that provide seniors opportunities to actively engage in the arts and creatively express themselves while learning new skills.





Seniors are welcomed to attend our matinee performances of music, dance, and theater throughout the year. Tickets are just $7 per person! See our full listing of performances here:


For more information, please contact the Education Department at (718) 463-7700 ext. 224 or email




We encourage seniors to participate in hands-on interactive arts programs to foster creativity and broaden imaginations. Workshops at Flushing Town Hall start at $195 for 30 participants maximum, or at your site for $250.


Workshop Programs


Mexican Paper Arts


In this workshop, participants will learn about the history of various secular and religious celebrations that occur throughout the year, and create their own Mexican piñatas using vibrant colored tissue paper and a ready-made papier-mâché structure and colorful Mexican paper flowers.


Collaged Wooden Frames


We think of frames as an accent to other work, yet they are often as important as the work they surround. In this workshop, participants will discuss the development of frames from Medieval 15th century altarpieces through contemporary use of the frame as an art object, followed by a hands-on activity to create unique collage frame designs using a variety of paper, recycled materials, and textures on the wood.


Good Nutrition in your Golden Years


Nutritionist Christina Camacho leads seniors on conversation about how to achieve balanced nutrition, how to keep your bones strong with calcium & vitamin D, and why being physically active is important. Attention is given to healthy eating as she prepares and demonstrates how to cook Quinoa. People who are vegetarians, vegan, and those with cereal grain allergies can base their diets on this delicious nutty food that is easy to prepare and high in protein. Food samples are available following the demonstration.


Korean Minhwa Folk Painting


Many aspects of Asian culture such as art have been influenced by China. Before the collapse of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) in China, most paintings were done only by educated painters and shared mainly with those in the upper class. After the collapse, Korea was forced to build new artistic models based on an inner search for Korean subjects. Developed during the latter half of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1897), the last and longest imperial dynasty of Korea, folk paintings called minhwa became very popular. Minhwa paintings were done and shared by ordinary people with vibrant colors and energetic subject matters. Participants will learn about the art of tracing and color blending while gaining a sense of the cultural movement in Asia.


For more information, please contact the Education Department at (718) 463-7700 ext. 241 or email




Seniors have the opportunity to work with artists for an extended period of time on a variety of different art projects that encourage creativity while learning new skills.


The Art of Illusion 


Art comes in many forms. Throughout art history artists have tried to trick the viewer in believing what they see is actually real or optically real. In this series of workshops, we will explore the artists that tried and succeeded.  Artists such as MC Escher, Victor Vasarely and the Op-Art artists of the 1960's will be introduced. We will also explore the work of Josef Albers (the Father of color theory) and Trompe l'oeil artists. Lastly, we will also discover how a mirror is used to create interesting mirror images. After each artist or art form is introduced, the participants will create their own work inspired by the masters.  This residency will culminate with an art exhibition of the seniors work with an “artists talk-back” at the senior center.


Music & Art Making: The Influences of Classical, Ragtime, and Jazz Music on Impressionist, Cubist, and Art Deco art & artists


Throughout the ages the disciplines music and art have been telltale representations of the day. Every decade in history has its own music and its own art. For example: the Jazz era brought a new modern way of looking at art with its art deco style and big band music. In this series, participants will listen to music of an era and create a piece of art in the style of the era. The teaching artist will introduce Impressionist, Cubist and the Art Deco styles, and seniors will create their own art inspired by representative music (Classical, Ragtime and Jazz) and masters. The seniors' art work will be displayed in a culminating exhibition. 


Exploring Master Painters in their Senior Years:  Master Works of Rembrandt, Picasso and O'Keefe


Participants will be introduced to works by masters, Rembrandt, Picasso and O’Keefe, who created in their senior years.  The teaching artists will lead and guide participants in creating their own versions of masterworks through painting and collage.  This project will culminate with an exhibition of the participant’s work.


For more information, please contact the Education Department at (718) 463-7700 ext. 239 or email