Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist: Adam Crescenzi


Adam Crescenzi is a director, published playwright, and educator who has been making theater with communities of all ages in New York City and beyond for the last eighteen years. He holds a Master of Arts from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College. He is a proud proponent of arts-education.




The Shakespeare Residency

Demystify the difficulties of reading and understanding Shakespeare and his language as students will be dually posited as audience members and performers, allowing them to develop a deeper comprehension and appreciation of Shakespeare's verse, characters, and ideas. After working with the text (the play will be determined before the residency) students will have the opportunity to see a professional performance at Flushing Town Hall. Additionally, this program will provide students with a sense of theatre history- as in Shakespeare's day, the show will be performed by all men, which gives rise to comparisions of gender politics and identity, both then and now- as well as shocaseing Shakespeare's gift for comedy, showing students that just because something was written a long time ago, doesn't mean it doesn't have any bearing on their lives, or the society and culture of the world today. Recommended residency length would be 10-12 workshops led by the Teaching Artist, with additional writing and reflecting exercises facilitated by the participating classroom teacher. For Grades 6-12. 


Literature to Life

Students in English Language Arts classes will explore the characters and themes of a classic work of literature, through drama-in-education strategies.  In each workshop, students will be exposed to a variety of both acting and writing exercises, enhancing creative skills in both areas.  Each student will acquire a portfolio of original writing while enhancing their performance skills.  With input from Adam Crescenzi and the collaborating classroom teacher, each student will select one or two pieces which will then be performed in a unique "collage" play in which each student is showcased presenting their own work to an audience of family and friends. This residency is geared for those in grades 4 and up.


Literature to Life II (Community Playwriting)

Geared to students who are interested in creating a unique original piece of theatre.  Students will work together and participate in a variety of creative writing exercises that lead to the culmination of a single text.  Based on the size and scale of the residency, this text can either be performed by the students themselves, or performed by professional guest actors in a staged reading format; either performance would be directed by Adam Crescenzi. For Grades 9-12.