While our doors are temporarily closed in accordance with COVID-19 social distancing measures, Flushing Town Hall continues to share our global arts programming online. Flushing Town Hall’s master Teaching Artists offer online classes, as our series “FTH at HOME: Global Arts for Global Kids” returns with new free content. This arts education series will run Monday through Friday. Students will have the opportunity to explore a new topic each week: Indian dance & yoga, Mexican folkloric dances and their wardrobes, creating mini art museums, Jazz dance, shadow theater, dances from Africa’s Ivory coast, world drumming in English and Spanish, fairy tales, Chinese dance & culture, and toy theater. A total of 50 free lessons will be available on FTH’s websiteFacebook page and Youtube channel and each video lesson will be accompanied by activity worksheets. This new series offers an additional interactive option for student enrichment: live virtual workshops “Meet the Artist”  and “Jam with the Artist”.   


FTH is also able to offer Virtual Assemblies of live and pre-recorded performances and demonstrations with master teaching artists, followed by an interactive Q & A with students or families. Our teaching artists can work with one classroom, the whole school, or family groups.



Explore our diverse programming—open to schools, senior centers and families below. Many are free, including our monthly Virtual Jazz Jam and other family programs. Recognizing that artists across our borough are struggling at this time, we charge affordable fees in some programs primarily to help support them. 


Featured Programs  


Past Programs 



For over twenty-five years, Flushing Town Hall's Education (FTH EDU) has provided innovative arts education programs and meaningful connections between classroom subject areas and the arts. During this unprecedented time, FTH EDU has adapted our in-person programming for remote learning while still adhering to NYC learning standards. FTH EDU believes in the power of the arts and culture to process this traumatic moment, restore joy and build resiliency. Please join us to rebuild a more resilient, inspired and courageous community. If you have any questions, please contact