Arts are Essential



As New Yorkers continue to cope with the COVID-19 crisis, the arts and culture sectors will play a critical role in the recovery of our schools and communities. Flushing Town Hall Education believes in the power of the arts and culture to process trauma, restore joy and build resiliency.  FTH EDU joins forces with a city-wide effort to advocate for the art and cultural programs. Starting in mid-July through September, multiple FTH master teaching artists will demonstrate why “Arts Are Essential” to them with a short video (1 minute or less) on FTH’s Instagram and Facebook. Complementary activity worksheets and multilingual content will be provided for our global learners of all ages. We invite teachers, students, parents and community members to celebrate the arts and advocate with us on social media.



Videos will be posted on Monday-Friday at 12 PM EDT from July 20 to September 24, and you can find/watch/follow them on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK





Day #1 Welcome to the Jungle with Angela Rostick “Arts awaken my imagination!” says FTH teaching artist Angela Rostick. Come join Angela, move in the jungle as if you were a lion, an elephant and more! Check out Angela’s post-video worksheet here:  


Day #2 Get Your Fingers Ready with Spica Wobbe “Art warms up our body, our mind and our brain,” says FTH teaching artist Spica Wobbe. Join Spica for a finger exercise in the morning. She learned this finger game and song when she grew up in Taiwan! Check out Spica’s post-video worksheet and English translation here:⁠


Day #3 Hugging Colors with Suzanne DeMarco “Art means everything to me,” says FTH teaching artist Suzanne DeMarco. In this clip, Suzanne will show you how to use watercolor paints to mix and create almost every color in the world. Source of music:⁠ Check out Suzanne’s post-video worksheet here:


Day #4 Making An Archetype Mask with Karen Oughtred “Arts are essential because they move me,” says FTH teaching artist Karen Oughtred. Karen shows how to make an archetype mask from white cardstock! Once you create your mask, you can try the complementary activity to enjoy some acting and move your audience! Learn more in this post-video worksheet:


Day #5 Learning Cumbia with Martín Vejarano “Arts are essential because they unite us,” says FTH teaching artist Martín Vejarano. In this video, we join Martín and his NYC Gaita Club students, from different parts of the world, for a performance of a traditional Cumbia song “Currura”. Learn about Cumbia instruments in this free post-video worksheet:





Day #6 - Haiku Dance with Angela Rostick: “Arts help me heal. When I am sad, writing a simple haiku about nature lifts my spirit!” says FTH teaching artist Angela Rostick. The haiku first emerged in Japan during the 17th century. A traditional haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. In this video, Angela choreographed a dance to her haiku entitled “Summer.” Check out the complementary activity to read her poem and learn the dance sequence:


Day #7 - Finger Game with Spica Wobbe: “Art gives us wings of imagination,” says FTH teaching artist Spica Wobbe. Join Spica for another finger game that is popular in Taiwan. Can you guess what animals she turned her fingers into? Check out the complementary worksheet for the answers and the song that Spica sung in the game! View the post-video worksheet here:


Day #8 - Making 3D Art with Suzanne DeMarco: FTH teaching artist Suzanne DeMarco shows you how to turn a stack of colored construction papers into a piece of 3D art. If you don’t have colored papers at home, any old newspapers and magazines will be great and even more fun to play with! Download the free worksheet for detailed instructions: 


Day #9 Learning Intonation with Karen Oughtred: “Art teaches me how to communicate,” says FTH teaching artist Karen Oughtred of The Memory Project: Storytelling through visual arts, theater & puppetry Have you noticed that your intonation often makes a difference when you perform and communicate with others? Join Karen to learn different intonations and practice them in your daily life! Are you ready 😄? Are you ready😅 ? Are you ready 😡? Check out the free worksheet to go along with Karen's lesson here: 


Day #10 Jam with Martin Vejarano and Play a Puya Song! “Arts are essential because we get to play and jam together,” says FTH teaching artist Martin Vejarano. Today we will join Martín and his NYC GAITA CLUB students again while they perform a traditional Puya song called “Culebra” at Prospect Park NYC! Download the complementary worksheet to make a maraca at home and play with our happy musicians:





Day #11 Dance to the Rhythm of Ribbons and Scarves with Angela Rostick: “Arts celebrate diversity. My curiosity and collaboration with Asian artists in my community open my mind to new ideas,” says FTH teaching artist Angela D. Rostick. Ribbons and scarves can be easily found in Asian dance. While you pay attention to the rhythm of a falling ribbon/scarf, you may find inspiration for your next creative movement! Follow Angela and look for rhythms in your home and your community. See the Day 11 worksheet here:


Day #12 Finger Puppet Game with Spica Wobbe: “Art gives us feet that allow us to go on an adventure,” says FTH teaching artist Spica Wobbe. If you have followed us the past two Tuesdays, we think your mind and fingers are ready to join Spica for a finger puppet global tour! Check out the complementary worksheet to prepare for your adventure:


Day #13 Making Mehndi Gloves with Suzanne DeMarco: Today FTH teaching artist Suzanne DeMarco will show you how to create Mehndi designs on a rubber glove. Mehndi is a form of art drawn on your hands and body using a paste made from powdered leaves of the henna plant. Originating in ancient India as a symbolic representation of the outer and the inner sun, this custom was based on the idea of “awakening the inner light”. Check out the complementary worksheet for detailed instructions: 


Day #14  Practicing Tongue Twisters with Karen Oughtred: “Art encourages me to experiment,” says FTH teaching artist Karen Oughtred. As a theater artist, Karen practices tongue twisters to warm up her body before performance. Join Karen for this fun exercise and challenge your friends to see who can say them fastest with no mistakes! Check out the complementary worksheet for some of the most popular tongue twisters in the NYC theater community:


Day #15 Learning Korean Meditation with Songhee Lee: “Arts make me happy and make me feel free,” says FTH teaching artist Songhee Lee. Today we will join Songhee to practice Korean meditation. While mindfulness meditation is helpful for dancers and musicians to prepare their performance, it can also become our daily practice to enhance concentration and to unleash our full potential. Check out the complementary worksheet to learn the methods:


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