Week #2: Chinese Dance with FTH Teaching Artist Ling Tang


While our doors are temporarily closed in accordance with COVID-19 social distancing measures, Flushing Town Hall would like to share our renowned, global arts programming online. Flushing Town Hall’s dedicated Teaching Artists are offering online classes in the new series “FTH at HOME: Global Arts for Global Kids.” The series of arts education will run Tuesday through Friday, and culminate in an online family matinee performance on Saturday. Each day participants will enjoy short videos of music or dance and post-lesson activities will be available online at FTH website: http://www.flushingtownhall.org/fth-at-home and live on Facebook Page and Youtube Channel each day at 2 PM. Participants are also encouraged to post short video clips of themselves learning on Facebook and tag FTH facebook page @flushingtownhall.


This week’s lessons introduce you to Chinese dance led by Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist Ling Tang. Ling is a dancer, choreographer and a teacher.  You may have seen her perform on stage at Flushing Town Hall or teaching youngsters in our schools.  But we join her at her apartment in Queens as we practice safe distancing. She doesn’t use many dance props just a ribbon and chopsticks--- but she’ll show you how to improvise with what you have.  

>>Click HERE for a pre-lesson family activity sheet


Day 1 

Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist Ling Tang introduces you to Chinese dance with an easy-to-follow, all-ages meditation dance.  This dance is rooted in the centuries old practice of Qigong (氣功) which uses breathing techniques, postures and movement for good physical and mental health.  This dance starts in a seated position and moves to standing and can be performed by the whole family.  If you have mobility issues, you can perform the entire dance seated.


>>Click HERE for a post-lesson family activity sheet

Day 2 

Today Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist Ling Tang introduces Chinese ribbon dance.   You will need your homemade dance prop.  You can use a wooden stick, pencil or ruler and attach a scarf or long ribbon to it using a rubber band.  You will learn how to create different patterns and expressions with your ribbon--- including rainbows and dragon tails!


>>Click HERE for a post-lesson family activity sheet


Day 3 

Now that you have been introduced to the ribbon dance, Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist Ling Tang demonstrates a more contemporary ribbon dance calligraphy with pop music.  If you are inspired, play with the calligraphy and incorporate dance movements to your favorite songs. Chinese ribbon dance performed to hip-hop music, why not? Try different combinations and post your results on FTH Facebook Page. 


>>Click HERE for a post-lesson family activity sheet


Day 4 

Today Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist Ling Tang brings you a dance from Inner Mongolia—chopsticks dance (筷子舞).  This energetic dance has been historically performed by young men during festivals--- now anyone can do it.  Ling shows you a simple way to create the similar sound effect of a bunch of chopsticks by using two rolled-up magazines.


>>Click HERE for a post-lesson family activity sheet


Day 5 

On Saturday, April 11, at 2pm, please tune in to our Facebook Page for and enjoy an excerpt of a performance by Ling Tang and Ba Ban Chinese Music Society at Flushing Town Hall in 2016, followed by two dance performances by Ling’s amazing students from PS214Q in 2018!





Special thanks to Calvin W. Chan, Raymond D. Jasen, Ellen Kodadek, Anne Lewent, William McClure, and TeHsing Niu for underwriting a portion of FTH at Home: Global Arts for Global Kids. 


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