Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist: Hsing-lih Chou



Dr. Hsing-Lih Chou, born in Taiwan, received his B.A from National Chung-Hsing University and M.A.,M.Ed., and Doctor of Education from Columbia University. Dr. Chou is one of the original pioneering composers of Campus Folk Songs, revolutionary music in a new style combining Taiwanese folk and country melodies. He is recognized as a leading Taiwanese dialect and Chinese folk singer in America and has performed in many prestigious halls and festivals including at Flushing Town Hall, Alice Tully Hall and the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festivals. His annual Taiwan Songs benefit concert has become the most popular event in New York for Chinese senior citizens. He is curator for many art exhibitions and has been chief coordinator for many cross-cultural festivals, including events during Asian-Pacific Heritage Month held at Ellis Island. Dr. Chou advocates community service and has been chairman of the Taiwan Welfare Association of New York, Taiwan Benevolent Association in America, and founder of the New York Hsiang-Yin Chorus. He is Executive Director of New York Institute of Culture and the Arts, a frequent lecturer at Flushing Town Hall, and is a professor at BMCC, City University of New York, Fordham University and Center for Ethnic Studies, specializing Asian-American History and Chinese Culture and Heritage. He is considered a specialist in Asian culture and international educational development.




Learning to write in an artistic way is a wonderful way to discover this ancient culture. Chinese Calligraphy is the highly regarded fine art of writing dating back thousands of years. Using traditional ink, brush pens, and ink stones, students will replicate some of the various characters found in these long-established and honored writings. This workshop is suitable for grades 3 and up.

Chinese Paper Cutting
This is a skillful Asian hand art requiring only a pair of scissors and colorful paper to created a fantasy of the imagination. Paper cutting can bring one a surprising experience. This workshop is suitable for grades 6 and up.

Origami is a fun and popular traditional game originating 1000 years ago in China that was later introduced to other Asian countries, particularly Japan. Therefore this paper folding technique is known by its Japanese name: origami. A piece of colored paper can be folded in such a way as to give birth to many different forms including animals. This workshop requires a great deal of focus and concentration and is suitable for all ages.

TAI CHI a time honored exercise that derives its history from the Chinese Martial Arts.
IT MAY Lower blood pressure, Control diabetes Improve balance, & coordination, Bolster immune system Create harmony and peace in your life Relieve aches and pains Reduce stress and anxiety. This simple, but powerful exercise can be done seated or standing for those people with Arthritis, limited mobility or anyone who would like to learn a simpler form of Tai Chi. This workshop is for all ages.