Vado Diomande & Kotchenga Dance Company


Vado Diomande & Kotchegna Dance Company will delight, teach, and inspire students with the joyful dances of the Ivory Coast!  Colorful clothing, vibrant dancing, and the exciting rhythms of djembe and doundoun drums, sweep students into a powerful experience of West African village life.  Dancing is the heart of Ivory Coast culture, from honoring important visitors to celebrating the harvest, dance and drum create a beautiful web of community and caring.  Mask dances add another layer of meaningful expression that bring protection, blessings, warnings, and ancestral messages at special moments.


Friday, December 8, 2017, 10 AM & 11:30 AM SOLD OUT


Grades 4-8


New York Common Core State Standards: Social Studies/History

New York City Blueprint for Teaching & Learning in the Arts: Dance Literacy; Making Connections; Working with Community and Cultural Resources; Exploring Careers and Life Long Learning

National Core Arts Standards: Responding; Connecting





Tickets are $7 per person (Classroom teachers are admitted FREE)



For more information:

Call: 718-463-7700 x241