A Window to Andean Music and Traditions Virtual Assembly

JUL 1 - JUN 30, 2022

FTH teaching artist Pepe Santana presents a wide variety of Andean musical instruments including panpipes, flutes, whistles, and drums, interwoven with the history of native Andean Music from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, through visual maps and photos of local activities and people. This assembly will not only delight students with unique sounds, but also transport them virtually to various locations within the Andean region and learn about its history, geography, musical traditions and culture. This program can be offered as a pre-recorded video screening or a live virtual demonstration, both followed by a live interactive Q&A.

FTH EDU is able to work with your existing virtual platforms like Google Classroom, Zoom, Skype, etc. Assembly fees vary depending on the program. If you have any questions regarding the assembly content or fees, please contact the Education Department at

LOCATION:  FTH at HOME (Virtual Venue)