Angela Rostick- Jazz, Hip-Hop, Creative Movement

Angela Rostick, who is an actress, dancer, and Zumba instructor, started her journey as a teaching artist at Flushing Town Hall in 2002. Angela is a representative of Open End Repertory Theatre, a multi-ethnic theatre group based in Queens, NY. She has performed and toured with Harlem Playwrights 21 and Awosting Dance Company, and presented at Queens Theatre in the Park, National Black Theatre of Harlem, Henry Street Settlement, Producers Club, and Theater for the New City. She has also appeared on television, film, and soap operas. 

As a teaching artist, Angela has introduced creative movement and cultural dances to diverse learners of all ages, including the students at PS22Q from Pre-K to fifth grade. She has choreographed musicals and conducted workshops for Flushing Town Hall through NYC Cultural After-School Adventures programs (CASA) for Junior High School 189, Flushing International High School, and PS184Q. Some of her works include Once on this Island, High School Musical, Aladdin, Mulan, The Lion King, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as many other productions. Angela teaches a variety of dance styles: basic ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, ballroom, line dance, and Zumba. She also integrates appropriate visual aids, manipulates, and props for specific age groups and/or for children with disabilities. Angela earned her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts at SUNY New Paltz, and completed Special Education courses in a Master's program at Hunter College and through UFT at Fordham University.

Throughout these trying times in which remote learning has become a reality, Angela has boosted the morale of her students by leading dance classes through FTH at Home: Global Arts for Global Kids. She participated in Flushing Town Hall’s #ArtsAreEssential Campaign. Angela taught remote dance classes to students in her community through YMCA Beacon Programs and a hybrid program through American Dance and Drama Studo.



Creative Movement Workshop/Residency In PersonVirtual

In this workshop/residency, students will learn the basic elements of dance (time, energy, space) through improvisation and theatre games. They will identify and execute locomotor and non-locomotor movements by use of pathways and be able to compare and contrast quick or slow movement through music and rhythm. They’ll recognize levels (high, medium, low) and how we can move our instrument (our body) to form shapes on these levels using round, straight, curvy movements. This fun energetic program can be offered in a variety of dance styles (basic ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, line dance, ballroom, Zumba) with a broad spectrum of music (classical, jazz, world, hip hop). Props will be integrated to inspire students’ own creativity and cultural dances will be introduced to expand their cultural knowledge. The program can conclude with a culminating performance. 

Partnership and teamwork are essential to this program--- students are taught responsibility throughout the dance program. Students will understand that dance can improve their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, memory, and creativity, and can lead to a healthy lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to provide a curriculum-based culturally-diverse educational dance program that supports NYS Standards in a safe and nurturing environment. For all ages! 

Drama Residency In Person

Led by Flushing Town Hall teaching artist Angela Rostick, students learn acting techniques through improvisations, theatre games, relaxation, sensory exercises, objectives, and actions. Scene study and monologues are introduced while they learn basic techniques and performance skills are enhanced as they develop stage presence. The program can conclude with a performance of a monologue or scene from a contemporary or classic play. For all ages! 

Drama Club Residency In Person

In this residency program, students learn basic theatre skills for performance (improvisation, theatre games, stage directions, stage presence, stagecraft, rehearsals, auditions, teamwork, concentration, focus, and self-control). They will experience the audition process and develop a sense of discipline and responsibility. A final production of a children’s classic will be performed at the end.
For all ages!