Christina Camacho- Nutrition and Latin Cuisine

Christina Camacho, was born in Lima, Peru. She is a licensed nutritionist in New York State and a graduate of Lehman College. Christina has been working for over 25 years in nutrition education and illness prevention.  She has served as the Clinical Dietitian at the Elmhurst Hospital Center and is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, The American Diabetic Association, American Heart Association's Speaker Bureau and the American Cancer Society.  Christina provides Nutrition Workshops and food demos at such places as the Queens Borough Public Library and various Senior Centers in Queens. As a bilingual speaker she especially reaches out to the Latino community and has made appearances on Univision Channel 41, Telefutura, HITN and Dialogo de Costa a Costa.   She specializes in work with Seniors offering workshops and food demonstrations on different topics, including: Good Nutrition in your Golden Years, Healthy Organic Food, Eating Healthy with quinoa, Low Sodium for Life, Iron the Blood Builder and Calcium for Mature Adults. 



Superfoods of South America Workshop Demonstration In Person

Nutritionist Christina Camacho introduces and demonstrates how to cook chocho, the most beautiful Andean superfood! Chocho, also known as tarwi or Andean Lupin, is a type of leguminous plant native to the Andean regions of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, where it continues to be grown today, primarily for its edible and highly nutritious bean like seeds. The seeds are sweet, and have a slightly nutty flavor and they are renowned for being an excellent source of protein, lysine, healthy fats, dietary fiber and minerals. This South American legume has long been a highly appreciated food source for the local indigenous population because of its hardiness, adaptability, and high nutritional value. Chocho seeds are often enjoyed as snacks or used in soups, stews, salad or ceviches, although they can also be dried to make protein - rich flour or pressed and processed to produce the chocho oil.

Eating Healthy (with quinoa) Workshop Demonstration In Person

Nutritionist Christina Camacho discusses healthy eating as she prepares and demonstrates how to cook Quinoa, the Golden Grain of the Inca. Quinoa is a high-endurance, aerobic efficiency food with an amazing nutritional profile and is therefore called a "supergrain".  Most people including vegetarians, vegans and those with cereal grain allergies can base their diets on this delicious nutty food that is easy to prepare and high in protein. Food samples available following this workshop demonstration.

Good Nutrition in your Golden Years Workshop In Person

Nutritionist Christina Camacho leads this workshop for seniors in which she focuses on how to achieve balanced nutrition, keeping your bones strong with calcium and vitamin D and why being physically active is important.  

Healthy Organic Food Workshop In Person

With the new wave of healthier eating, many are choosing to eat organic. Nutritionist Christina Camacho discusses their benefits, including: what are certified organic foods; why eat organic foods; how can you eat organic foods on a budget; are organic foods safer or more nutritious than other foods and alternatives to organic foods.