What Can We Do?: Community Care Project Share Out (ONLINE)

THU, JUN 8, 2023
6:30 PM

Due the air quality health advisory, this event is now VIRTUAL. 

Click here to access the livestream on Zoom.

Asian American Arts Alliance (A4) is excited to showcase the projects of this year’s What Can We Do? micro grant awardees at the historic site of Flushing Town Hall. Throughout the months of March through May, 30 artists carried out creative projects showing care to the AAPI community in Flushing, Queens, and/or Chinatown, Manhattan.

Many of the artists collaborated with and tailored projects for the constituents of community-based organizations in Flushing including Red Canary Song, YWCA Queens, Nan Shan Senior Center, Glow Cultural Center, Queens Botanical Garden, Queens Historical Society, Taiwan Center, Flushing Town Hall, and Minkwon Center.

Their projects varied widely in scope and discipline (full list here). Examples include:

A one-day photoshoot where members of the dedicated Tai-chi community at Queens Botanical Garden brought one of their prized possessions to be photographed with, led by Su Ji Lee

A two-day language justice and community interpreting workshop open to interpreters of Asian languages at Minkwon Center organized by Roxy Chang

A performance and workshop of diabolo at Glow Cultural Center led by Linda Quach

Each artist will have three minutes to present their project, its impact, and photographs from the community engagement.

Please note this is one of two share out events; the second share out will take place on Thursday, June 15 at CPC's Chinatown Senior Center in Chinatown, Manhattan (RSVP here). We encourage you to join us at both events!

This program is presented by the Asian American Arts Alliance (A4) and is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Special thanks to Council Members Christopher Marte and Sandra Ung, as well as our host organizations Think!Chinatown, Send Chinatown Love, Hamilton-Madison House, P&T Knitwear Books, Chinese-American Planning Council (Nan Shan Senior Center and Undo Poverty), Red Canary Song, YWCA Queens, Queens Botanical Garden, Minkwon Center, Taiwan Center, Queens Historical Society, and Flushing Town Hall.

The full list of awardees:

Roxy Chang, Ling Chen, 离离草CAO Collective, Jin Yong Choi, Astrid Dong, Christina (Ja Won) Han, Maggie (Mei Kei) Hui, Nami Kagami, Jay Khendar, Ji Yong Kim, Nina Kuo, Su Ji Lee, Clae Lu, Jessica Luu Pelletier with Cara Hinh & Sarah Shin, Chanel Matsunami Govreau, Hannah Miao with Lynn Huynh, Dominique Nisperos, Jesse Obremski, Linda Quach, Vivian Sangsukwirasathien, Harley Spiller, Yasuyo Tanaka, Rose Van Dyne, Ramona Jingru Wang, Xixi Wang, junshuzii俊淑姿, Cindy Xu, Jiemin Yang, Cheerie Yu, Grace Zhao

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