Virtual Jazz Jam File Upload to FTH


Are you a jazz jam musician working with FTH and sharing file?

Please submit your file here: 


Tips on getting the best audio recording (for those without studio space or audio gear):

  • Avoid acoustically “live” spaces (i.e. bathroom, or a room without carpets, furniture or bare walls. Smaller spaces tend to be better.
  • Try to keep a distance of no more than 2 feet from your microphone to cut down on “room” noise or reverberations.
  • If you’re recording to a track, record a test take to make sure there’s a good balance between your instrument and the track you’re performing with.
  • If you need any help setting up for your recording, please contact our Director of Production Steve  at

Tips for Video Recordings:
  • If you can record video, please do! It helps to capture your true artistic nature as a player and will make for a more interesting experience for all of those who will be attending the virtual jam!
  • Avoid backlight and fluorescent lights.

See you all soon! Tell your friends! And if you are one of the first 15 jam participants, look for an instructional email to come shortly.

Any technical issues uploading your files? please contact our Director of Production Steve Mecca at