Meet the Artist Virtual Workshop

JUL 1 - JUN 30, 2022

Participating students can connect with FTH teaching artists before diving into each Global Arts for Global Kids weekly series of 5 pre-recorded lessons. The live virtual Meet the Artist Workshop will build relationships between teaching artists and their students, introduce them to the content, describe goals & expectations, and demonstrate what students will be learning. Students will more actively engage in the lessons after virtually connecting live with the teaching artist in this preview workshop. This 45-minute program is $150 for 30 students and teachers max and can be provided on your preferred time and virtual platform. This program can also be adapted for families.

Workshop Options:

Colombian Music, Chinese Dance, Pop-up Book Page Making, Indian Dance, Mexican Dance, African Drumming, Dance Party in the United States, Visual Signs of Gratitude, and Stories from Quarantine.

If you are looking for more virtual workshop options, please contact the Education Department at

LOCATION:  FTH at HOME (Virtual Venue)