Rental Guide

We want to help you. Flushing Town Hall has hosted hundreds of events, and our staff has many years of experience with all kinds of events. We want to be your partners in planning a successful event. Never hesitate to ask us a question.

The starting and ending times of your event are not flexible. You will have access to Flushing Town Hall at the specified on your contract—not before. Your rental ends when you, your guests, and your property have left the building. If your event runs past the scheduled ending time, we will charge additional rental and labor fees in one-hour increments.

Tell us what you plan to bring. Scenery, stage decorations, anything hanging overhead, and anything made of fabric (such as banners and tablecloths) are subject to Fire Department rules which we must enforce. We can help you comply with these rules, and we can help you plan for the most efficient possible handling and use of your decorations. You and your personnel will not be allowed to hang anything overhead or attach anything to our walls or curtains. If you want to do these things, please share your plans with us in advance so that we can help you. We have a flying pipe for hanging banners over the stage. The maximum (and ideal) dimensions of such a banner are 3 ft. 6 in. tall by 12 ft. wide. Banners must be flame-­‐retardant (any commercially produced banner will be) and should have grommets along the top edge.

Be sure to tell us about all of your technical requirements well in advance so that we can provide the right people for your event. Only our technicians are allowed in the booth, except by special permission. Only our technicians may climb ladders and handle our technical equipment.

You must not obstruct fire aisles or exceed occupancy limits. Flushing Town all has various pre-­‐approved auditorium layouts available for you to choose from. If you want to use a different layout, you must work with our staff in advance to have it approved. No tables, easels, etc. may be placed on the landings of the main stairwell or outside the theater doors.

We will provide spike tape and gaff tape, and this is the only tape you may use on our floor. (Glow tape and clear vinyl tape are also allowed, but you must provide these tapes yourself.) Ask your technician if you need tape. You must remove all tape after your event. Do not nail or screw anything to our floor, walls, or any other part of our building.

You are responsible for removing and cleaning up anything that you brought in. Our staff will clean up any significant messes, remove all tape from the floors, and remove all signage that you may have posted. If you need to leave items behind for pickup at a later date, this must be arranged in advance with Kevin Meegan (Director of Facilities and Operations) or Steve Mecca (Director of Production).

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