Check some of our staff's favorite restaurants in Queens!

35-25 Farrington St., Flushing NY 11354
(718) 445-3352
Come discover Flushing's hidden gem...
Located adjacent to The Marco LaGuardia Hotel & Suites. Magna Ristorante features fine cuisine and a cozy Italian inspired atmosphere. Perfect for any occasion. Special pre or post-show Pre Fixe Dinner & Lunch available!
5729 Main St. Flushing
(718) 961-0263
THE SLICE OF LIFE. Pizza, pasta & a whole lot more. Dine in, Take out, Free delivery, Over 50 varieties of pizza!
63-88 Woodhaven Blvd. in Rego Park
(718) 894-8084
London Lennie's is one of the finest fresh seafood and best oyster bars in New York-not to mention a great steak, too!
136-21 37th Ave., right off of Main St.
(718) 539-3838
Joe's Shanghai is known for its tasty soup-filled dumplings, steamed soup buns, scallion pancakes and fried noodles
135-18 Roosevelt Ave. between Main St. and Prince St.
(718) 461-9305
Ten Ren Teahouse is a charming spot where both hot and cold teas are served to go, including black tea, green tea and bubble tea. The Taiwanese-specialty teashop also sells beautiful teapots, teacups and tea sets.
37-47 74th St. in Jackson Heights
Jackson Diner is known throughout New York City for its authentic Indian delicacies. The restaurant serves great appetizers and large lunch and dinner portions.