Robin Bady- World Folklore and Storytelling

Robin Bady is an award-winning storyteller and arts educator with over 35 years of experience performing all over the world. A true multi-hyphenate — storyteller, actress, director, writer, teacher — Robin has dedicated her craft to inspiring others in the most personal, human way we know — through stories.

Robin is not limited by genre — her portfolio boasts everything from ghost stories to folklore to literary storytelling to deeply personal storytelling to Moth Slams. She performs for families, children and adults in venues large and small.

As a teaching artist in New York City, she has worked with the Flushing Town Hall, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Self-Help Virtual Center, Brooklyn Arts Council, Lifetime Arts, Elder Share the Arts, Dorot, Henry Street Settlement, University Settlement, CityLore, ArtsConnection, as well as all three library systems of New York City. She has toured China, Germany, Croatia, Ireland and Canada with shows and workshops on storytelling. She is a mentor for teaching artists through Lifetime Arts.

She is currently touring her one-woman show “Nancy Drewinsky and the Search for the Missing Letter,” the story of her family’s experiences during McCarthyism. She is the curator of “No, We Won’t Shut Up!” — a show highlighting women’s stories about issues such as sexual assault, racism, bigotry, and gentrification — which has been seen at Fringes, festivals and conferences.

Robin is the recipient of the 2012 J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Award and the 2015 Oracle Award for Service and Leadership, both from the National Storytelling Network. She has received four SuCasa Grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. She has served as Director of the Storytelling Center of New York City.

Robin hosts the monthly series, BADYHouse Storytelling Concerts in her home in Brooklyn, which she shares with her husband Tom and their regal cat — Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Publications: The Button, STORYTELLING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM, Libraries Unlimited, NH; Confessions of a Coached Storyteller, STORYTELLING MAGAZINE, January 2013; Fairytales, Power and Status, STORYTELLING MAGAZINE, June 2013; Considering House Concerts, STORYTELLING MAGAZINE, August 2015.



Pourquoi Tales Virtual Assembly Virtual

Before there was science, people created stories to explain the natural world. What makes the thunder? Why does the tiger have spots? Where did the stars come from? Join award winning storyteller Robin Bady as she tells How and Why stories from around the world. This program is a great tie-in to your science classes! This program includes a pre-recorded performance video and a live Q&A.

Sing, Dance and Tell a Story Assembly In PersonVirtual

In this assembly, master storyteller Robin Bady presents simple stories, songs and magical fairytales in a fun, educational, interactive storytelling performance that highlights “how can we get along together?”. By engaging students to act out stories in their seats or on stage, this program will help students to connect the words and movements while making literacy learning exciting. The program also addresses issues like bullying, getting along with others, friendship, nature, and animals, which teach empathy, understanding, dialogue, and problem-solving skills. Perfect for PreK-1!

Drawing Stories from around the World Workshop Virtual

Combine storytelling with drawing? Naturally! From cave drawings to graphic novels, humans have always told stories with pictures. This workshop offers students an opportunity to become part of the process. First, they learn to draw and tell several drawing tales from South Africa, Sweden, and Japan. Then they create drawing stories of their own. Finally, they share them with their peers. This workshop addresses students of all learning styles and integrates visual, written, and spoken arts into the curriculum. This program can be adapted as a professional development workshop for teachers. For grades 2-7!

Storytelling 101: Everyone Has a Story Workshop/Residency Virtual

What’s your story? This workshop will guide students through the process of identifying, developing, writing and performing their own personal stories. It could culminate in a story slam or performance before an audience of their family and peers. For grades 6 through adult!