SCHOOL PERFORMANCE: The Dragon King by Tanglewood Marionettes

FRI, DEC 10, 2021

FRI, DEC 10, 2021
10 AM & 11:30 AM ET

A terrible drought has overtaken the land, and all the world has turned brown and lifeless. The Dragon King is ruler of the waters, and the people are beginning to wonder why he has not brought the precious rains in such a very long time. The tale stars an intrepid Grandmother who journeys to the bottom of the sea to seek the Dragon King and save the world from this terrible drought. With colorful sea creatures, an exciting adventure, and all the gorgeous puppets of the Tanglewood Marionettes, the Dragon King is sure to thrill young and old alike. 

The Dragon King, a heart-warming underwater fantasy based on Chinese folklore, will stream live via Zoom from the studios of Tanglewood Marionettes. Founded in 1993 by Anne Ware and Peter Schaefer, Tanglewood Marionettes is a nationally touring marionette theater based in New England, and the recipient of two Citations for Excellence in the Art of Puppetry, awarded each year by The American Center of the Union Internationale de la Marionnette. 

Format: via Zoom, 60 minutes including performance and interactive Q&A between students and puppeteers. 
Grade Levels: recommended for grades PreK - 4.
Cost: $550 each show for 300 students maximum.

Consider booking a show for your entire grade(s). For inquiry, fill out the reservation form online or email your preferred show time and school information to