Stephanie Lee- Korean Folk Painting

Stephanie S. Lee is an artist, curator, educator and the founder of Korean FolkArt Inc, who lives in Queens, New York. Her paintings are inspired by Minhwa, Korean folk art painting. She has held many exhibitions across the U.S. and overseas including at the National Museum of Korea, Islip Art Museum, and Queens College Art Center. Her work has been included in numerous art fairs including Spectrum Miami Art Show, Scope Art Show, Fountain Art Fair, and Affordable Art Fairs in New York and Hong Kong. She received a BFA and MS from Pratt Institute, and studied Korean folk art painting at Busan National University in Korea. 

As a founder of, Stephanie has been teaching and promoting Korean folk art painting to the public through online and onsite workshops and exhibitions since 2013. 

As a DOE registered teaching artist at Flushing Town Hall, Stephanie has been teaching Korean folk art painting to the general public, from elementary school children to seniors, and presented art workshops at public schools and institutions.

While serving as a New York regional director of the Korea Minhwa Association, Stephanie served as a juror of an art contest held by Weill Cornell Medicine and The Korea Times, and was invited as a panelist at the Newark Museum and the Queens Council on the Arts.



Korean Minhwa Folk Painting

Minhwa, a Korean traditional folk art, is a colorful painting that was popular from the 17th to 19th centuries until the end of the Joseon era (1897). Many were painted by anonymous artists and shared among commoners to enrich the everyday lives of people in Korea. Free from formal constraints, Minhwa expresses one’s honest desire and good wishes for others in bright colors, humor, and hope. People of Korea shared and decorated Minhwa in their everyday life! In this workshop, FTH teaching artist Stephanie Lee introduces students to Minhwa and its traditions with step-by-step coloring instructions. Students can select one form from multiple options including Tiger & Magpie with or without Peony, Munjado, student’s name in Hangul. This workshop can be offered virtually or onsite. For all ages!

For Virtual Workshop

Materials Will Be Provided & Shipped To You:

  • Mulberry paper (Hanji) with a printed drawing of your choice.
  • Illustration Boards (5”x 7”) to mount the finished work.

Students Need To Prepare:

  • Watercolor Paints
  • Two or three Calligraphy Brushes (Soft brush of about size 3 with pointed tip will work)
  • A Glue Stick
  • Colored Masking Tape (optional)
  • Large white plate or palette
  • Cloth or Paper Towel
  • Scissors
  • Water jar & water

Material Fee: 
The material fee is $10 per student, including shipping and handling.

For In Person Workshop:

Students don’t need to prepare any materials as all materials listed above will be provided onsite. The material fee is $12 per student.