Steve Palermo- Mixed Media Art

Mixed media artist, Steve Palermo, has been a Teaching Artist at Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts since 2012, and at the Poppenhusen Institute since 2013. In addition to creating and facilitating mixed media and painting workshops for young people, adult groups, and senior centers, he has been requested to assist other teaching artists at FCCA for the past three years. His "All Saints Day" workshop with fellow educator, Tina Seligman for FCCA's Halloween Remix event was attended by over 300 families. Combining art history and cultural references with technique through presentation boards and hands-on demonstration with the materials, Steve Palermo emphasizes experimentation with the materials, and encourages each student to discover his or her own voice and style. Specializing in collaging, sculpting, and weaving paper, his projects cover a wide range of subjects. Having worked at Lee's Art Shop from 1994-2009, Steve has a wide range of knowledge and experience with a variety of art media. Steve's work has been featured in national and international group exhibitions include First Person Plural,  Frenzy into Folly, St. Paul the Apostle Church, NYC, 2012; Drawing Connections, The Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy, 2011; Jazz and Zen, JMC Gallery, NYC, 2011; The Bitten Image, The Queens Museum, Flushing, NY, 1982 and many more. 



The Art of Illusion In Person in 2022

Art comes in many forms. Throughout art history artists have tried to trick the viewer in believing what they see is actually real or optically real. In this series of workshops, we will explore the artists that tried and succeeded.  Artists such as MC Escher, Victor Vasarely and the Op-Art artists of the 1960's will be introduced. We will also explore the work of Josef Albers (the Father of color theory) and Trompe l'oeil artists. Lastly, we will also discover how a mirror is used to create interesting mirror images. After each artist or art form is introduced, the participants will create their own work inspired by the masters.  This residency will culminate with an art exhibition of the seniors’ work with an “artists talk-back” at the senior center.

Exploring Master Painters in their Senior Years: Masterworks of Rembrandt, Picasso, O'Keefe In Person in 2022

Participants will be introduced to works by masters Rembrandt, Picasso, and O'Keefe, who created in their senior years. The teaching artist will lead and guide participants in creating their own versions of masters works through painting and collage. This project will culminate in an exhibition of the participants' work. 

Music & Art Making: The Influences of Classical, Ragtime, and Jazz Music on Impressionist, Cubist, and Art Deco art & artists In Person in 2022

Throughout the ages the disciplines of music and art have been telltale representations of the day. Every decade in history has its own music and its own art. For example: the Jazz era brought a new modern way of looking at art with its art deco style and big band music. In this series, participants will listen to music of an era and create a piece of art in the style of the era. The teaching artist will introduce Impressionist, Cubist and the Art Deco styles, and seniors will create their own art inspired by representative music (Classical, Ragtime and Jazz) and masters. The seniors' art work will be displayed in a culminating exhibition. 

Still Life: Food for Thought Art-Making Workshop Series In Person in 2022

Through a series of workshops led by Flushing Town Hall’s teaching artist Steve Palermo, students will discover the many ways artists have interpreted one of the earliest topics of creative expression, the still life.  Each week students will explore different artistic styles by Morandi, della Robbia, Lichtenstein, and more; and by using their own artistic voice students will create their masterpiece.  The class will culminate in a gallery show of their work.

Face to Face Art-Making Workshop Series In Person in 2022

Through a series of workshops, seniors will explore how artists drew upon the many ways a face can provoke emotion in the viewer. They will discover how artists create a face using a simple technique of proportions.  Flushing Town Hall teaching artist Steve Palermo will also lead seniors to visit cultures that believe that making icons and masks can ward off evil and keep them safe. The class will culminate in a gallery show of participants’ work!