Traditions From Yangtze to EastRiver: Folk & Classical Music 長河知音 - 孟藝學會民樂演出

SUN, NOV 7, 2021
5:30 PM

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All individuals must show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 and matching identification to attend this event. If you are interested in attending this event in person, please read the full COVID Safety Policy carefully.

In this concert Mencius Society of the Arts (孟藝學會) commemorates EastRiver Ensemble’s work, honoring particularly the collaborative synergy of Xiao Xiannian (蕭先念) on yangqin (hammered dulcimer) and  Wu Peter Tang (唐武) on erhu, two childhood buddies who have brought their music and friendship to the northeast American shores, kindling the Dongbei (東北) musical tradition among generations of students and far-flung audiences. The two will perform a selection of personal favorites and New York inspirations, accompanied variously by members of the EastRiver Ensemble.

Soloist Bios here.  

From Yangtze to EastRiver is a full day musical-theater festival that begins with three Cantonese opera episodes followed by an evening concert of northern folk and classical Chinese music of the EastRiver Ensemble. 

Check out the webpage for Traditions From Yangtze to EastRiver: Cantonese Opera 長河知音 -- 孟藝學會粵劇演出 for the more details. 

This program is funded by NYSCA's Restart NY: Rapid Live Performance Grant.


該音樂會慶賀孟藝學會於美國宣揚中華傳統音樂戲劇的二十年昌盛,特突出蕭先念(揚琴)和唐武(二胡)兩位獨奏家的鄉親友誼合作藝途以及個人的特色表演風格;他們與孟藝樂隊給一代代學生和四面八方的聽眾點燃了中國音樂尤其東北風情傳統,今晚兩人展示一系列個人最愛的經典和美國生活帶來的靈感作品,並由孟藝東河樂團(EastRiver Ensemble)演員陪同演奏。

《長河知音 -- 孟藝學會民樂演出 》獨奏演員介紹按這裡


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本節目得到紐約州藝術基金會的 「Restart NY: Rapid Live Performance」補助支持。

LOCATION:  Flushing Town Hall Theater



Traditions From Yangtze to EastRiver: Cantonese Opera 長河知音 - 孟藝學會粵劇演出

SUN, NOV 7, 2021

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