Live Virtual Assemblies for Schools and Families

Flushing Town Hall’s diverse arts education programming will enrich your students’ arts and cultural experiences and support their social and emotional learning. While our building remains temporarily closed, FTH Education continues to offer a range of arts-education services, including low-cost virtual assemblies designed to make high-quality performing arts as accessible as possible.

Virtual assemblies are 45 minutes of live and pre-recorded performances and demonstrations with master teaching artists, followed by an interactive Q & A with your students. Our teaching artists can work with one classroom, the whole school, or family groups. All virtual assemblies support NYS Common Core Learning Standards and Blueprint Benchmarks.

FTH EDU is able to work with your existing virtual platforms like Google Classroom, Zoom, Skype, etc. Assembly fees vary depending on the program. If you have any questions, please contact the Education Department at


Our Virtual Assemblies Include:

Local Native American Culture

Did you know that New York City has the largest native population and that there are still active tribes living in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey? Everyday we use or see native words and don't even realize it, like Rockaway, Canarsie, Manhattan and more. This virtual assembly is led by Reggie Ceaser (Sagamore of the Matinecock Turkey Clan) and Tecumseh Ceaser (Wampum Carver and Cultural Consultant), members of the Matinecock Tribe of Queens and Long Island, one of the original tribes of New York and the first people of Flushing, Queens. Through interactive discussions, students will get familiarized with Matinecock history, culture and customs and NYC's Native American perspectives. This presentation also creates a space to connect with Native People from the land on which many of them live and work each day. Students will recognize the relationship among Native American culture and land use, acknowledge Matinecock land, and demonstrate respect for the rights of others. This program includes an interactive powerpoint presentation, pre-recorded footage of music and dance, and a live discussion.

Traditional Mexican Dance

FTH teaching artist Alberto Lopez, with his Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, presents traditional Hispanic dances such as those from the state of Jalisco with its bright Mariachi music and the Gulf Coast of Mexico with its Caribbean influence. This assembly includes performance video footage of Calpulli, as well as Alberto leading a discussion on the history, geography, and culture of Mexico’s regional areas (traditions, dress, songs, foods and more).

Traditional Chinese Dance

FTH Teaching Artist Ling Tang uses traditional Chinese dance props to give live demonstrations and engage students with short easy-to-follow movements, as well as a multimedia presentation including performance video footage, powerpoint slides and live discussion. Students are introduced to the history and cultural development of several Chinese classical and ethnic dance styles such as traditional operas, Tai-Chi, Inner-Mongolian, Uyghur, and Han.

Traditional Korean Dance & Music

FTH Teaching Artist and Korean master dancer Songhee Lee and musician Hee Jung Han present traditional Korean dance and music with explanations about Korean history, geography, traditional costumes and dance props of Korea’s regional areas. Students will be exposed to a variety of Korean traditional folk dances including Buchaechum (fan dance), Sogo Chum (hand-drum dance), Talchum (mask dance), as well as a Korean folk song and a ballad song “Over the Rainbow” played by Hae-Geum (traditional Korean string instrument). This virtual assembly includes a screening of prerecorded performance footage. A live Q&A can be added, please collect students’ questions in advance.

Japanese Kimono Culture Demonstration

The Kimono (Ki means wearing, Mono means things) is the traditional national garment of Japan. There are different types of Kimono for men, women and children. This assembly introduces students to three basic Kimono styles from formal, semi formal to casual. FTH teaching artist Junko Fisher will also demonstrate how to dress in a casual kimono and tie the Obi belt. 

Cumbia Roots

Led by Martin Vejarano and La Cumbiamba NY’s musicians and dancers, this exciting virtual assembly introduces students to traditional Colombian musical style such as Gaitas y Tambores, as well as the diverse roots of Colombian music, inspiring students to learn more about cultural melting pots in general. A live Q&A will be provided after screening the pre-recorded footage of music and dance performance. 

Golden Global Drum Series: Al Andalusia to Dizzy

This virtual music assembly leads students to trace African influences originating in West Africa, through ancient Spain, the Caribbean, and early New Orleans. FTH teaching artist Napoleon Revels-Bey with the Rhythms King ensemble demonstrates multicultural rhythms from Moorish music, West African Bantu, Caribbean Rumba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Merengue, New Orleans and early Rock and Roll. Music available for the school ensemble to perform “C Jam Blues". This assembly is a mix of pre-recorded music performance, live demonstration by artists from their homes and Q&A.

A Window to Andean Music and Traditions

FTH teaching artist Pepe Santana presents a wide variety of Andean musical instruments including panpipes, flutes, whistles, and drums, interwoven with the history of native Andean Music from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador through visual maps and photos of local activities and people. This assembly will not only delight students with unique sounds, but also transport them virtually to various locations within the Andean region and learn about its history, geography, musical traditions and culture. This program can be offered as a pre-recorded video screening or a live virtual demonstration, both followed by a live interactive Q&A.

Chinese Traditional and Folk Music

From ancient music of the northern Silk Road to modern pop along the southern Yangtze River, award-winning pipa virtuoso Zhou Yi and dizi soloist Yimin Miao take young audiences on a musical odyssey to explore the relationships of Chinese music, language, history, culture, and Eastern philosophy. Students will also have a chance to make simple Chinese percussion instruments by using household items. This program is a mix of pre-recorded footage and live performances, as well as live Q&A. 

Cumbia for Kids

Folklore Urbano NYC's Cumbia for Kids offers an entertaining and engaging performance which showcases the rich musical traditions of Colombia, while delving into cultural themes of diversity, the environment, and topics like respect and care for others, as kids navigate their world during this challenging time in history! This assembly includes pre-recorded footage of music and dance as well as live interaction.

Pourquoi Tales

Before there was science, people created stories to explain the natural world. What makes the thunder? Why does the tiger have spots? Where did the stars come from? Join award winning storyteller Robin Bady as she tells How and Why stories from around the world. This program is a great tie-in to your science classes! This program includes a pre-recorded performance video and a live Q&A.

Chinese Folktale with Puppetry in Practice

The Magic Brush is a classic Chinese folktale that tells the story of a young boy who acquires a brush that when he uses it, what he paints comes to life. This creative puppetry show, featuring a giant pop-up book, live drawing and interactive play, can be performed in either English or Mandarin. Students will explore Chinese culture, learn about the power of art, and build collaboration and communication skills. Grades K-2

The Art of Shadow Theater: Family Stories

Learn a brief history of shadow theater, discover the science behind the theory of light and shadow, develop literacy skills using “the interview” as a tool to uncover personal and family stories, and get inspired to perform your very own shadow puppet theater! This program includes a pre-recorded performance video of family stories, a live demonstration and a live Q & A.



If you have any questions regarding the assembly content or fees, please contact the Education Department at We look forward to being part of your global arts journey!

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