Mini-Global Mashup: Iran Meets Japan

SUN, OCT 15, 2023
1:00 PM

In-Person Tickets: 

$15 General Admission/ $12 Members, Seniors, & Students w/ID


1:00 PM 

Flushing Town Hall no longer requires visitors or performers to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19; wearing a mask is optional but recommended. For more details, please visit 

Flushing Town Hall's Mini-Global Mashup series continues through 2023! Curated by acclaimed trumpeter and composer Frank London (The Klezmatics), the Mini-Global Mashup series is bringing together two amazing global music artists along with accompanists for an afternoon of music, conversation and exploration. 

On October 15, 2023, Flushing Town Hall will welcome Martin Shamoonpour, the soulful musician from Iran, and intrepid keyboardist Shoko Nagai!

About the Artists:

Martin Shamoonpour is a musician specializing in the enchanting sounds of Daf, Ney-anbān, and Doneli from Iran.   

The Daf, a mesmerizing Persian frame drum, holds a special place in my heart with its rhythmic patterns that evoke emotions and connect us to our culture. Ney-anbān is a type of bagpipe that is popular in southern Iran, especially around Bushehr. The term Ney-anbān literally means "bagpipe," but more specifically can refer to a type of droneless double-chantered bagpipes played in Southern Iran. 

As for the Doneli, the unique and soulful melodies that flow through this traditional woodwind instrument bring a touch of nostalgia and elegance to every performance. For years, I have immersed myself in the rich traditions and techniques of these instruments, and I am eager to take you on a musical journey that celebrates my culture and showcases the profound beauty of these age-old treasures. I hope my performance will resonate with each one of you, allowing you to experience the language of music.

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Shoko Nagai (Composer/Pianist /Accordionist /Improviser) is a versatile musical artist who improvises and performs with world-renowned musicians on piano and accordion and composes original scores for films and live performances. As a teenager in her native Japan, Nagai was trained on Yamaha's electronic organ, the "Electone" to perform popular music. 1996 moving to the U.S. from Japan and studying classical and jazz music at Berklee, She has adapted her mastery of the keyboard to prepared piano, accordion, Moog synthesizer, and other instruments. Whether she is performing Klezmer, Balkan or experimental music. Nagai is a charismatic presence onstage, who hypnotizes audiences with her intense focus and virtuoso sound.

Nagai is fellow of 2023 and 2010 New York Foundation Arts in Music/ Sound, 2023 M3 (Mutual Mentorship for Musicians), 2021 Chamber Music America, 2021 City Artist Corps, and 2022 International song writing competition finalist.A veteran of the New York downtown music scene, she performs with Erik Friedlander, Marc Ribot, Frank London, Eve Sicular (Isle Of Klezbos) Satoshi Takeishi, John Zorn and many eclectic performers. Whether traipsing over a steady, rolling rhythm or swimming through a collage of abstract sound, Nagai, a pianist/accordionist, treat every moment as an opportunity for deep synchronicity.” ~ New York Times Giovanni Russonello 

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